ECO - OmMANNA ORMUS Gold Pure Water


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~ 1 litre $1000 OmMANNA ORMUS Water

New offer! Now you can buy 1 litre of ormus from us for $1000.00! That's 34 oz! That would last you 102-170 months! That's 8.5 to 14 YEARS!

Broken down per month that would equate to 6-10 dollars a month you'd be paying! (And no we don't do monthly payments hehe - that is just to showcase the savings) 

It you were to buy 34 1 oz bottles it would cost you $2210.00 - that equates to over 50% savings! Great deal!

This would be for people who want bulk for personal or to embellish a line of creams or oils. This will be sent out directly through our distribution, saving time

Ormus is:

  • anti-aging potential
  • full body healing potential
  • health and beauty regenerating potential
  • cellular regenerating
  • spiritual healing

*All of our products are concentrated formulas……please follow instructions as they will serve you the best way. These products are a part of a healthy lifestyle and in no way claim to “heal ” you. Please consult a physician about taking this or any other natural product before using

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