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~ 1 litre $110 OmMANNA ORMUS Water ~ 4 litres $350

1 liter use (30 – 120ml per average bathtub) or spray refill (ratio of 1 part of the Ormus Water Concentrate into 4 parts distilled water) or 2oz spray is great for sunburns, plants, pets, skin hydration and health ‘glow’.  

Ormus Water is a byproduct of the Ormus Gold and contains trace elements and minerals that are essential to our health and the health of our plants and animals.  You can accidently drink this water; it won’t hurt you, as it has gentle healing capabilities. This is a gentle way for the body to assimilate a regular ORMUS dosage.

ormus is:

  • anti-aging
  • full body healing
  • health and beauty regenerating
  • cellular regenerating
  • spiritual healing

*All of our products are concentrated formulas……please follow instructions as they will serve you the best way. These products are a part of a healthy lifestyle and in no way claim to “heal ” you. Please consult a physician about taking this or any other natural product before using.



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