ECO OmMANNA 1oz ORMUS Gold Personal use dropper 10 pack with free bottle (11oz)


UPC/ISBN: 852679981650

Now you can buy 10 bottles of ormus in one pack from us for $650.00! That's 10 oz! The 1 pack comes with a free bottle to use at your pleasure, so 11 oz! Great deal! These bulk orders will be sent out directly through our distribution, saving time.Thus the available stock is limitless :)

One 1 oz. bottle will last approx 3-5 months

Personal use 1-8 drops per day under the tongue.  You want to start with 1 drop and gradually increase your usage until you feel “pushed”; at that point you then back off one drop.

Shake well with each usage. ( The liquid in the dropper should be cloudy and not clear. )

The white Gold powder on the bottom is what is left behind after the liquid molecules have been completely saturated (1-2 refills is typical and can be purchased as well; reducing waste)

Each bottle contains an amethyst crystal that is mono-atomically programmed and can be re-used in any liquid.

The reason the amethyst is in each bottle is it vibrates peace, prosperity, health, abundance, & helps aid in absorption.

Store away from sunlight and electrical and electro-magnetic fields.

ormus is:

  • anti-aging potential
  • full body healing potential
  • health and beauty regenerating potential
  • cellular regenerating
  • spiritual healing

*All of our products are concentrated formulas……please follow instructions as they will serve you the best way. These products are a part of a healthy lifestyle and in no way claim to “heal” you. The healing starts from within - the products only aid in allowing that to happen easier. Please consult a physician about taking this or any other natural product before using.

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