What is Ormus Gold?  Where do we find it?  What is it used for?  How is it made?

“Here is a little bit of information to get you started.  The ancients believed this substance would facilitate extraordinary life-spans, and cure many diseases by allowing the body to operate as close to peak perfection as possible. We would say today that it would vastly increase the ability of each cell to conduct electrical impulses, almost like a high performance re-wiring job for the entire body. ORMUS gold is for responsible exploration; some folks simply keep the high-vibration powder in their meditation area. Others use it as “plant food” on their organic gardens. Others use it for the ultimate nuclear radiation protection. ORMUS GOLD AND TRANSITIONAL ELEMENTS ARE NEITHER A “DRUG”, NOR A NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT. IT DOES NOT WORK AS A PHARMACEUTICAL, BUT RATHER WAS CONSIDERED TRADITIONALLY TO BE A SACRAMENT THAT AFFECTS THE SUBTLE BODIES.   Are you more curious or more confused now?” Martin Pytela(www.Life-Enthusiast.com)

What is it?

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OmMANNA ORMUS GOLD is the very essence of platinum (White Gold) refined into a product that can be ingested by the human body. Platinum and many other trace elements and minerals in a natural state is not easily processed by the human body, so taking a bite out of your white gold jewelry will not provide your body with a substance that can be assimilated and used to fulfill your daily mineral requirements. The ORMUS products are refined and changed on an atomic level so that the minerals can be easily processed and assimilated by the human physiology in a comfortable manner. Each cell, molecule, chakra and meridian of your body will receive everything that it needs to achieve peak performance on the many multidimensional layers that you naturally are, potentially for the very first time in your life. When you are being fed everything that your being needs to perform in the manner that it was originally designed, then it will finally perform at the levels that it was originally designed to perform at. Our food sources are a mere silhouette of what they should be nutritionally and to accumulate the required fuel to supercharge yourself you would need to eat enough produce to encourage obesity … but when you finally do feed the body (including the spiritual, subtle, electrical, emotional, etc bodies) the super fuel it requires, then it will then perform at those levels it was designed to perform at. If you want to run a performance sports car appropriately, you should be using the appropriate fuels. ORMUS GOLD provides your being with the super fuel that it requires for all levels of your mind, body, and soul and once that is achieved your mind, body, and soul will finally function in a manner that is resistant to aging, illness and a long list of common ailments, or energetic or mental deficiencies. Many, if not ALL of your current common ailments will miraculously vanish as many of the historical ORMUS testimonials worldwide can attest.

Ormus gold is the gold atom that is divided into a single and then double atoms of gold, then stabilized with a matrix of mono-atomic silica.  Created from this is a zeolite of gold and silica and only in this mono-atomic state can gold and silica then be absorbed by the body. In laymen terms, many trace elements and minerals are too big and nasty on an atomic level to be absorbed by people when they are clustered together in a natural solid matter state, whilst separating the molecular elements from one another so they no longer cluster together makes them far easier to absorb.

Science can and has repeatedly proven the proclaimed results of ORMUS use in its numerous facets and applications, but they are still uncertain on how to explain exactly what ORMUS gold actually is as our current levels of technology have yet to produce a method of reading it or even perceiving it. ORMUS products in it’s many expressions have convinced many scientists that our current periodical table of elements needs revision to reflect this new information and ongoing research. Man has spent lifetimes, millions of dollars and acquired the absolute best technologies and the greatest minds on our planet to explore the ORMUS phenomenon without definitive results within the boundaries of our current scientific protocols, and in some cases the ORMUS phenomena has challenged previous common misconceptions about our universal and natural laws. ‘Real’ sciences like levitation, fuel cell technology, metaphysics, horticulture are often amazed and sometimes mystified to explain the how of what makes ORMUS work, but very few can doubt the consistent results. I encourage those who are scientifically minded to explore the many fascinating scientific experiments, programs, protocols and seemingly impossible mind boggling results that have been discovered.

Where do we find it? 

The essence of OmMANNA is essentially ‘life manna’ which can be found existing in all natural or biological things as the very fuel that feeds the life force presence. The extraction of this essence from fruit, vegetables, salts, coral, pearls and other impure sources is often costly, cumbersome and produces a product that is often riddled with contraindications and potentially harmful byproducts. Research will reveal that ORMUS use has shamelessly infiltrated many of our common trades and industries around the globe as the ultimate versatility of the product is yet to be fully explored.

Currently you can find ORMUS water in health & beauty products, medicines, enhanced agriculture fertilizers, sports performance products, scientific communities exploring levitation, ant-gravity, alternative and fuel cell technologies to name only a few eclectic uses. The health and beauty industry is a $32billion a year industry in the USA alone, and the proven protective qualities that ORMUS has against harmful environmental energies like nuclear radiation have recently created an explosive global demand for this safe holistic product.

There have been historical and legendary references of White Gold use found in numerous ancient stories such as the Arc of the Covenant, Merlin’s Excalibur, Ancient Alchemy, Biblical Manna from God, Illuminati and other foundational icons in many cultures around the globe and as far back as man has recorded history. Even the legendary Lemurians and Plato’s Atlantians have been implicated in the sacramental use of this life imbuing substance.

Up until now, although one can assume they do exist there was no ‘known’ natural endlessly occurring source of the substance anywhere on the planet. Most previous natural caches and deposits were finite and have been expunged so the enormous current planetary demand for the product has been previously supplied by individual ORMUS factories and corporate manufacturers … until now. At a time when our planet is so full of toxins, mother nature provides us a natural balance.

OmMANNA Rainbow Pot of GOLD
OmMANNA Rainbow Pot of GOLD

 Here at OmHaven Ranch found nestled in the clean BC, Canadian environment we have conscientiously tapped into an endless supply of the pure source ORMUS GOLD.

How is it made?

On our beautiful and bountiful planet earth, all the pure trace elements, required minerals and many other forms of life nourishment predominantly come up through the many volcanoes poking through our planets surface and then progress their way through the ecosystem to inevitably end up in our oceans. For centuries now, in many places around the globe people have been manufacturing and extracting the ORMUS product by isolating and removing these precious elements from a variety of impure sources such as Dead Sea salts, coral, and other substances rich in these trace minerals and elements. The extraction process that manufacturers are currently using involves extreme procedures that use harsh chemicals, electricity, magnetism and a number of other brilliant methods … but EVERYONE has been looking for a naturally occurring source because these amazing procedures also provide numerous negative product contraindications. If only there were such a place where the earth refined the White Gold product in a clean, pure natural way … well now there is.

At OmHaven Ranch, which is an organic farm and self sustainable community located in BC, Canada there is now a source. The name OmHaven translates as “Love lives here”.

Where is OmHaven Ranch?

OmHaven Ranch is an 80 acre organic ranch located just a few minutes north of Armstrong, BC, Canada. Overlooking the spectacular intersection of three beautiful valley’s is an ecologically sensitive ranch with cows, chickens, horses, dogs, wild deer, eagles, hawks, bears, snakes, coyotes, newts, salamanders, frogs, weasels, foxes, moose, elk and many more species roaming freely in harmony about this upper panoramic plateau on the southern slopes of Mt. Ida. The water from the well is clean and pure, the air is crisp and fresh and the panoramic view is spectacular in the powerful glory of all four colorful seasons. For untold centuries mankind has searched the globe for the legendary ‘Fountain of Youth’ and it makes sense that these springs of eternal life are to be found in just such a majestic location. The very OmHaven Ranch air hums with ORMUS, health and vitality, you can feel it …

Where did you find the ORMUS source?

OmMANNA is birthed and harvested right at the very source of its creation, from within the very heart of Mt. Ida as pure mono-atomic gold to be shared with humanity as an aid and response to current dangerous environmental conditions. Pure MANNA from the Gods.  OM

A natural crack/ fissure runs deep under the property that feeds all the trace elements into underground catacombs where extreme temperatures meet with the waters, creating steam and contributing to a naturally occurring underground reverse osmosis process. The ice, steam, intense temperatures and water vapors are processed as the rise up through these catacombs until they are inevitably dumped into an underground aquifer lake as pure ORMUS. Here at OmHaven ranch, in our micro lab we extract the concentrated OmMANNA ORMUS GOLD by merely putting this water through a safe organic evaporation procedure. Pure, clean, and right from the source.

What do you do to prevent any negative environmental influences from contaminating OmMANNA products?

OmMANNA's lab observes sterility on all levels. Clean organic cleaners are mindfully used as protection from any physical contamination, whilst specifically trained energy workers are utilized for lab work, labeling, stock and distribution provide protection from any potential metaphysical toxins. White Star maintains a focused spiritually ‘neutral & meditative’ mindfulness whilst personally monitoring the alchemy processes in the lab while conscientiously preventing ANY energetic impressions to be assimilated by the energetically sensitive ORMUS products.

OmMANNA also programs a tiny Amethyst quartz crystal to protect each individual bottle from any potential impressions that it might encounter and potentially accumulate through the shipping and handling process.  There are researchers that suggest placing an amethyst in our liquid empowers the water molecule to perform appropriately. This assures complete ‘hydration’ of your cells instead of the documented ‘irrigation’ that is currently occurring with our ever changing planetary environment.

What is it commonly used for?

The White Gold Powder secret is an historic Quantum Physics Science kept alive throughout our many human incarnations and civilizations.

  • Restoration of Youth and Vitality
  • Specialty Sacrament, Elixir
  • Amplifies Medicinal Plants and Salves
  • Fuel Cells, Superconductivity
  • Cell Regeneration, Medicinal Applications
  • Ultimate Crop, Cattle and Produce Fertilizer
  • Metaphysical, ESP & Paranormal Awakening
  • Enhanced Performance, Health, and Lifestyle
  • Fuels the Instant Manifestation of Thought
  • Nuclear Radiation Shield and Protection

What are the contraindications of taking OmMANNA?

So far the only potentially dangerous ‘side affect’ is when used on tumor patients. As the cells become healthy enough to be reabsorbed by the body (whole process take about 6 months) the tumor will enlarge in size. This is a problem if the tumor is in the skull and has nowhere to grow … ongoing monitoring can compensate drainage as required. Other than this, OmMANNA has NONE of the potential contraindications that are potentially found in many other contaminated manufactured ORMUS products.You will note that visually our OmMANNA has less precipitate in each of the containers and the precipitate is a pure white that absorbs easily into the water molecule, whilst many competitors have a thick layer of ‘milk’ that consists of a variety of other substances. OmMANNA contains nothing but pure ORMUS GOLD in a highly concentrated form, bonded together with the natural OmHaven Ranch Ormus spring mineral waters.


Is it addictive?

The benefits of ORMUS protocols seem to be cumulative and somewhat permanent, even after discontinued use. There will be a slight drop in overall performance levels when product use stops, but I know people who have went cold turkey when they played with it 10 years ago without an issue. ORMUS GOLD products have a long history of helping addicts break free from a variety of substances such as alcohol, heroine and cigarettes to name only a few.


Is OmMANNA effective for removing heavy metal poisoning?

I feel that ORMUS would indeed help your friend … if used in a sweatlodge or steam room application would provide miraculous results in removing heavy metals.


What about the application of the product on Scars of the skin?

Scars, wrinkles and blemishes can be almost completely removed with an ongoing topical ORMUS water protocol. Direct spray, lotions, bathing. The scar tissue and cells become healthy and may show signs of temporary enlargement and increased color while they are doing so. Once the damaged tissue achieves health it will then be absorbed back into the body naturally. Wrinkles due to aged or environmentally damaged cells often completely disappear when the cells are healed.


Does OmMANNA have a shelf life?

It does not appear to have a shelf life … it is biological, but ultimately it is the essence of metal which is forever. Solid platinum does not oxidize or age either. Keep it away from strong magnetic sources and freezing. The dried powder disappears with exposure to intense sunlight, but comes right back when placed in a dark place.


Where can I buy some OmMANNA?

OmMANNA is harvested, bottled and then shipped right from the source at the OmHaven Ranch, BC, Canada. David (The Oracle) Pilz, aka White Star is the soul harvester of the OmMANNA products and although tests qualify the product worldwide under any nutritional and mineral supplement standard, he chooses to share this product as a spiritual supplement, honoring the spiritual nature in which the original claim was established.

Those from the east coast can buy it from the East Coast Ormus (ECO) distributor for OmMANNA from off this site. either directly when our payment system is up, or by emailing Shawn Dall at chronamut@msn.com with the title "ormus interested" with your name, address, and which products you want and how many. Your request will then get sent to Richard Hadad, who will calculate shipping and provide you a paypal address to send the money to.

Once we recieve the payment we will ship your order out with a tracking number. Naturally anyone can buy from us, it's just that those on the east coast will have lower shipping due to closer proximity. Our product is currently shipped out of Albany NY.

For further questions, please feel free to contact our leadership team


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