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Here is an offering from our own Chemist Ronda Cann:

Orbitially Rearranged Monoatomic Elements (ORMEs aka ORMUS)

ORMUS white gold. This form of white gold is in a monoatomic state which means that it is a part of the transition metals on the periodic table (silver, gold aluminum, Zinc. Iron) meaning they can exist in an immaterial and material energetic form and can do this by way of chemical usage or through alternative methods like “Alchemy”.

In the case of monoatomic or white powder gold in its ORMUS state of separate atoms, as it has and acts very similar to ceramic properties.  The ceramic properties of a monoatomic element make it possible to safely ingest for great benefits to the physiology and general well-being.  This has been proven with the feedback from testimonials and a long list of benefits.

Monoatomic elements have the ability to enhance the biological reactions occurring at a cellular level, an energetic level and electrical fields.  Super health starts inside the cells of the body.  White gold powder surprisingly has the nesseccary reactions to produce a great deal of H+ atoms.  When more hydrogen atoms are present in the body the surface tension of liquid water is minimized, allowing for more cell absorption.

What does all this mean?  It means that there is greater nutritional absorption and a more efficient usage of oxygen which replaces Carbon dioxide, which would otherwise be stuck in the cell. ORMUS white powder gold has the ability to become a superconductor inside the cell, and not only can the cell respond to normal chemical or electrical reactions, but can also use a newer process involving photons (light).  This means that it enhances the body into becoming a superconducting machine.  Instead of your standard reactions, it has the ability to bring in “light speed”. Our cells have a similar reaction that is normally carried out by a standard reaction, like a standard electrical copper wire, transmitting information at a slow rate. With ORMUS white powder gold it is now adding a light reaction and therefore pushing the Copper wire out and bringing in the fiber optic cable to AMP up communication between the cells and what nutrients they are absorbing.  This transforms everything at a cellular level including, organs, muscle, nervous system, and tissue of the brain they all become superconducting cells and using photons that increase the flow of messages.  This monoatomic state allows ORMUS white powder gold to act like a liquid “light”.

The way that this works is similar to the achievement of the acid/alkaline balance that we all seek to achieve within our body in order to function at the level we should.  We are supposed to be able to replenish and heal our bodies with nutritional food and water, but with the way the tides have changed our food is not the same as it was years ago; so we have to be able to find a way to help our body process the foods that we need.   With the assistance of this element we are able to increase the absorption and influences in our body with the presence of this superconductor.

One of the other special contributions this element has to offer us is that in its monoatomic state it has no valence electrons, which means that it does not react. At body temperature it does not give a way or take on any electrons, and therefore will not react with other chemicals.  It just simply becomes a superconductor inside of the cells.

The superconducting aspects show us what is happening in our cells, but that is not it.  The proof of the energy levels increasing has been documented by the electronic field/ electromagnetic aura of the individual, and seeing that it increases in size and intensity.

This is a completely different than any energy boost drink, caffeine or sugar rush.  It helps the body absorb not only the nutrients of food and water, but also because it has this no reactive state it absorbs the vitamins, and herbs to increase metabolism efficiency, and therefore creating a healthier being.



www.wikkipedia.com –oxidation


*while traces of arsenic and lead may seem alarming.. almost all things contain these traces - if the trace is above 10 ppb (parts per billion) then it is a cause for concern by the World Health Organization. Ours is 1 parts per billion for arsenic and 0.5 parts per billion for lead and is thus far below a level of concern.

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