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Starnation Medicine Tipi

Starnation Medicine Tipi


Leadership Team

Here at OmMANNA, we are proud to have a team of leaders that bring skills, knowledge, expertise and awareness from a variety of different industries.

Each of us can help explain to you the ORMUS phenomena in a language that you can understand, whoever you are and from wherever you come from, and help you discover the product and the dosage that works the best for your specific needs and applications. Feel free to contact any or all of us for your inquiries … we are equally as proud of our diversities as we are about our common humanitarian, ecological and personal growth theologies … we genuinely want to help you help you.



David Pilz

David Pilz


Peq’Kwasel – White StarDavid Pilz, aka White Star – Metaphysical Instructor, Author, Speaker & Lecturer, Master Healer Instructor, Starnation Chanupa Carrier and Lodge Keeper, Golden Eagle Bone Whistle Carrier, Media Host and Independent Producer, OmHaven Ranch Owner, CEO Pilz Enterprises Inc (1985) White Star is personally involved in every aspect of the ORMUS harvesting and wholesale distribution. DavidPilz.com 250 503-7889


Retail ORMUS purchases may be made through any of our leadership team or a sanctioned OmMANNA ORMUS distributor. Corporate, franchise and bulk orders should contact David Pilz directly.



Ava Curtola RN

Ava Curtola RN


Ava Curtola RN Ava Curtola RN Ava is a Registered Nurse, Birthing Coach, Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Cranio-Sacral Therapist and Energy Worker. With more than 3 decades experience in the health care field, Ava is in a unique position to merge modern energy concepts with her own intuition as well as traditional medicine. She is a professional holistic therapist who has great warmth and compassion, which empowers, heals and encourages others to connect with their true spirit. As the driving force behind EnergyThings.com, EnergyWorkshops.com. & TheEnergyofBirthing.com, her focus is to create global awareness and practical, scientifical instruction to the field of alternative health. EnergyThings.com 780 963-3111


Ranchelle Isert-Alexander – Life coach, wealth facilitator Ranchelle Alexander, published author, trainer and speaker is a former Curves Franchise owner who decided to become a an “official” coach in January of 2010. She received her Coaching Certification through FowlerWainwright Institute. As well as receiving her Certified Personal Coaching certification she also is a Certified Group Leader and is certified Master Marketing Coach with FWI. Ranchelle has a passion for learning and is in the process of obtaining her Certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner through INLPTA. Her other passion is marketing and this led her to follow and learn from Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, Brendon Bouchard, Ryann Deiss and many other individuals who are considered Gurus but want to remain nameless. Ranchelle has a vibrancy and presence to her that is both calming and energetic at the same time. Everything she does she does with gusto. She has stated publicly that her purpose is to help small business owners see the light at the end of the tunnel and to help them see that it is not a train! She is the Co-Founder of TheCoachAccelerator, a Marketing “How To” program for new and novice coaches. As well she teaches the marketing component of the FWI Coaching Certification program and recently has become a published author. Currently her and her family reside in Camrose, AB. Canada.



Martin Pytela

Martin Pytela


The world of natural health is alive and well, with millions of people taking care of their health in alternative ways from mainstream practices. Don’t buy into the belief that says “there is no cure for …”, because there is. The solutions offered at Life Enthusiast Co-op are built on over 25 years of study, health consultations and market research in the field of Holistic and alternative health. Martin and his organization specialize in helping people gain exceptional performance or regain lost health – the tools to attain either are identical. Martin Pytela has a long history in the ORMUS industry, and is well known and recognized as a name you can trust.  www.life-enthusiast.com   (866) 543-3388



Rhonda Cann

Ronda Cann


Ronda Cann started her journey into holistic training in 2005 with Ava Curtola and David Pilz through energy workshops. In 2009, she decided to elevate to Reiki Master in order to pursue her personal goals of practicing Reiki and helping others improve their well being, which she opened in 2010. Reiflections: Reiki treatments for People and their pets. She specializes in Equine therapies is a successful trainer and instructor since 2004, and has been using Reiki as part of her training and teaching techniques. Her focus is to assist people and their pets to become the best they can be with a connection between body, mind, and spirit. Her personal testimonials involve OmMANNA products helping her in her successful battle against cancer and has motivated her to want to share the products with others. Ronda has a degree in Chemistry with a minor in Biology and brings a genuine scientific excitement and curiosity to our team. 780-219-5867 rondacann@hotmail.com




East Coast Ormus (ECO) Team

Here at ECO we are proud to offer distribution for the east end of North America and work faithfully to provide David Pilz's product to all who are interested.


Shawn Dall


Crai'riain - Shawn Dall - Spiritual Leader, artist, musician, writer of the book "I AM GOD - and so are you! A complete guide to Source", Source Speaker, owner of the Source facebook group and userpage, and assigned awakener of Higher Selves, Shawn Dall is the primary distributer, as well as Public Relations and Marketing manager for ECO. chronamut@msn.com



Richard Hadad


Big Richie - Richard Hadad - Spiritual adept, courier, seller of medicinal and cooking herbs. Richard is the partner of Shawn as well as financial and shipping manager for ECO. (518) 782-9571 spiceman2163@earthlink.net