Applications of Ormus

cosmetic application: can actually revitalize skin

farming application: can be used to fertilize soil by injecting nutrients back into it

"medicinal" applications - can be used to water marijuana and herb plants to make them produce twice as much and grow twice as big *wink wink nudge nudge*

meditation application: can be held or put in a room along with crystals to increase the energy in the room during meditation - doesn't even need to be ingested

diet application - can help in the promotion of weight loss

damage application: can be used to treat wounds and speed their recovery - in some instances from a week up to a day (depends on the person really)

psychological application: ingesting it causes the dark energy within your cells to be released, causing you to relive experiences you pushed deep down inside, resolve, and move on from - it will also balance the chemicals in your body, helping to treat a lot of mental disorders

disease prevention application: due to the last example the dark energy accumulated is lessoned, which diminishes the threat of diseases and cancer, and with continued use can eliminate it completely

em frequency protection application: em frequencies degrade our body and the ormus content within our body - supplementing your body with more ormus will help to replenish this

aging protection application: ormus is used by the body to create raw materials to use in proper cell construction and division - when you are under a lot of body strain or stress your body simply uses more ormus reserve, aging your body faster - putting more ormus into your body will help replenish this reserve and allow your body to use it to properly construct and divide cells once more, essentially replacing all the damaged inefficient cells with new healthy ones, increasing your metabolism, immune system, and de-aging your body

memory protection application: over time the chemicals and hard metals we ingest deposit in the pineal gland and start to calcify it, fogging up our memory and eventually attributing to things such as alsheimers - ormus helps to decalcify your pineal gland by providing your body with more materials to attack this calcification and thus improves memory and spiritual attunement

essentially ormus provides your body with reinforcements in every aspect of the body, allowing the "resistance" to overcome the opposition (the weathering of life) - it is one reason why if given to plants it not only allows them to grow twice as big and grow seeds twice as big, but it also provides food that has anywhere from 90 to 95% more nutrition, as the plant can actually use the ormus to build itself as efficiently as possible.

Once again we hope you consider our product!

-Shawn and Richard-