The East Coast Ormus Team

Welcome to our page! Now a little about us:

  • We are a spiritual couple who have extensive business in the spiritual world. I myself am a spiritual leader in the belief of new age universalism (Unity through collective Source) - my partner has extensive knowledge in medicines, herbs and the courier and trade show business and is also very spiritual.
  • We sell Ormus as a means to provide holistic healing to the people of this planet through cellular regeneration
  • We are located in Hamilton ON and Albany NY
  • We have been in business for 3 years now
  • We have just opened up shop to sell online
  • Our team consists of: Me (Shawn Dall) my partner (Richard Hadad) and our distribution source (David Pilz)

We hope that you enjoy this product as much as we do! All products we sell have been tested by our team firsthand and have proven enhancements in various aspects of our well being. In addition we currently sell the only naturally occurring source of ORMUS in the WORLD, which is one reason we can sell it for as cheap as we do, given how long it will last. In addition our source is infinite, thus we can sell as much of it as we want without fear of it ever drying up!

In addition, all our products come with a money back guarantee - if you are not happy with the product return it for a full refund.*

-Shawn and Richard-

*The refund applies only to products you are not happy with the results of. It also only applies to the individual dropper and spray orders. We unfortunately cannot provide refunds if you ordered the wrong product or on any of the orders over $300.00. We apologize. Please exercise caution when ordering. Refund only available within the first 24 hours of purchase, so please make sure you are happy with your purchase!