Here are testimonials for all the people who have taken ECO OmManna Ormus gold:

My Experience

From my experience of taking drops of it daily (from the distributors who run this group), Ormus is a great substance that will extend your mind and body and in fact, connect them and reveal yourself to your natural form. It's not always easy to handle taking, in fact, because of how it strongly gives energy to the mind body & spirit.

I definitely recommend this product, as I think it has the power to do good for the collective of all of us!

~Riley Ross


Fantastic Product!

This was a fantastic product, it gave me more vitality, focus, calmness, and helped me with my personal development and spiritual goals. It also has done darn good work for my broccoli I have been growing. Very little to no pests eating up my broccoli! :)

~Stephen Nowak


My Ormus Story

I have been taking Ormus Gold on a consistent basis for approximately 6 months.  I started out taking 3 drops and gradually increased to 8 drops.  After 3-4 weeks of taking 8 drops I decreased to 6 drops per day.  Occasionally I feel I need to take 8, and other times I feel I need to take a bit less.  I spray my face with Ormus Water once every 4-6 weeks.  The changes occurring in me are happening on two different levels:  the changes I notice in myself, and the changes others are noticing in me.  Here is what I have experienced:

  • I am able to focus more at work and be more productive.
  • I have completely lost my cravings for sweets!!!
  • I have not been sick (no cold or flu) since I have started taking Ormus on a regular basis.
  • My allergies are not acting up near as much as they used to.
  • My psychic & intuitiveness abilities have increased greatly.
  • Decreased skin breakouts.
  • Increased energy.
  • My mind is now working so fast that I trip over my words because my mouth can no longer keep up.

Here is what others are noticing in me:

  • My hair is healthy and shiny.
  • My skin absolutely glows.
  • I look a lot younger than I am.

I am 32.5 years old, and last week I was ID’d twice buying alcohol:  once at a restaurant and once at the liquor store.  Also last week I had dinner with an ex co-worker that has known me for 10 years.  It has been a few years since I have seen him, and he swears that I look exactly the same as I do when he met me 10 years ago, and that I have not aged one bit.  He asked me if I was taking anything, and I responded, “Why yes, I am.”

I plan to incorporate Ormus into my weekly deep chakra cleanse.  I will use a spray bottle filled with Ormus Water to spray my chakras after a shower once a week.



Enhancing Reiki with Ormus

I use OmManna Ormus Spray with my Reiki clients.  Once we have established an intention, I spray their aura, as I say the intention.  This begins the etheric energy process.  I spray each foot with Ormus before I do their reflexology to open the energy reflexes.  This has made a tremendous difference in the treatments.  The clients relax deeper and the Ormus enhances the “energy work” being done.  As I am finishing, I spray the aura again, affirming their individualized, positive mantra.

I have taught Reiki for over 17 years, and have found this product to be OMazing with my clients and students.  It is an easy way to cut through the energy blocks.   It works!



Ormus for the Whole Family

I began taking the OmManna Ormus Gold three months ago and it has made such an amazing difference within my life.  Prior to using the Ormus Gold I suffered from a very weak immune system and was frequently physically ill, in particular suffered with numerous throat infections, in fact so many that I am on the wait list to have my tonsils removed.

Since I have been taking the Ormus Gold I have never been healthier. Within the three months while everyone else around me was suffering with whatever bugs were going around I managed to remain completely healthy and do believe that I will no longer need to have my tonsils removed!! I also have a history of struggling with an anxiety disorder and since taking the Ormus Gold my anxiety has been reduced significantly and I now possess an inner peace and calmness which I have never experienced. I possess inner strength and have an increased awareness of my own intuition.

As the Ormus Gold has been so powerful and made such a significant positive experience within my life, I made the decision to begin giving it to my two children, ages 5 years and 20 months, two months ago. Since they have been taking it, they also have been incredibly healthy and have had improved immune systems. In the morning when I shake the bottle, both of my children come running and stand with their mouths open, just like little birds waiting to receive their “magic water.” We also use the Ormus Gold spray on any scrape or cut that occurs, and rest assured with two boys there are a lot.  The Ormus Gold improves the healing process significantly.  My 20 month old recently suffered a severe diaper rash and after treating it with the Ormus Gold, within 24 hours there was a significant improvement, no longer raw and bleeding.I completely believe in the effectiveness of the OmManna Ormus Gold and highly recommend it all my loved ones!



Changed my life!

The OmManna products have literally changed my life. I know how that sounds, really. But it is true. I have always been intuitive but now all of my senses are working at their highest capacity. And each day it seems to get better and better.



Have not been Sick! 

I have not been sick (no cold or flu) since I have started taking Ormus on a regular basis. My allergies are not acting up near as much as they used to.



Reiki Clients
I use OmManna Ormus Spray with my Reiki clients. This has made a tremendous difference in the treatments. The clients relax deeper and the Ormus enhances the “energy work” being done. As I am finishing, I spray the aura again, affirming their individualized, positive mantra.
Helps Anxiety!
I have a history of struggling with an anxiety disorder and since taking the Ormus Gold my anxiety has been reduced significantly and I now possess an inner peace and calmness which I have never experienced. I possess inner strength and have an increased awareness of my own intuition.



Increasing mental and spiritual clarity with OmMANNA

As a spiritual leader I have been looking for a product that can help me maintain my connective state to godsource, as well as help me undo all the damage that life has done to my mind and body. This product does so amazingly. It has helped, along with iodine, to clear my pineal gland. It also gives me more energy, allows me to eat less, as well as sleep less. Any wounds I suffer from heal much faster and any emotional or psychological trauma it immediately works to fix. 

In addition it also goes back through your body and works on things that were damaged in the past that it was never able to spend the time to fix. Our bodies naturally contain ORMUS and all this does is provide your body with enough of it so that it can actually do what it needs to to fix your body to reflect its ideal template, reverse aging, damage, etc. Unfortunately our water and food supplies are processed so much these days that most ORMUS content is lost. In addition EM frequencies also work to degrade ORMUS within our bodies - one reason I no longer use a cell-phone.

This product has done wonders to simply help me maintain, with no side effects! If you take too much you will feel a bit uncomfortable as it's like trying to flood a levee in that regard - it's best to start low and work your way up - but the product is cumulative so the more you take the more it will do for you!

Think of your body like in a crippled state - the food and water has been processed so much the natural ORMUS energy is mostly gone. ORMUS is formed in the ground, usually near volcanic sites. Plants then soak it up and use it to grow huge, which are then eaten by animals, which in turn are eaten by humans. In this natural cycle humans would be getting the ORMUS through the plants and animals they eat. However since this process has been disrupted with the processing cycle we need to supplement our bodies wither either straight ORMUS or plants and animals that have been ingesting ORMUS. As a result this product acts as a supplement to what your body should already be having, just like a vitamin. Taking it allows your body to operate at its full potential and undo any "inefficiencies" it has picked up over time.

you will only get better and better using this product - take it from me - I sell it, and I also use it - I have been using it now for six months! My partner and business partner has been using it for 5 months and he said that without this product he would probably be in a wheelchair - he has really bad knees and heels, and his job is very stressful and time consuming, and this product has simply allowed him to maintain under such strenuous conditions. His has affected him more positively in body, mine more positively in mind. It will tackle wherever your body or mind dictate it needs it the most.

I feel like I am the god I deserve to be when taking it. It doesn't make me into one, it just helps to maintain that open connection, for I already am one!

~Shawn Dall
Spiritual leader, speaker, author, musician, artist


Enhancing Metaphysical Awareness with OmMANNA

As a metaphysical instructor and recognized spiritual leader I have been searching for years for a tool or product that can short cut the time, focus and discipline required to achieve metaphysical psi awareness through normal protocols and training techniques. Monoatomic Gold has repeatedly proven to be just such a source to empower and enhance the eager student to a natural awakening and provide ongoing fuel for this awakening.

When the individuals mind, body and soul finally receives what it requires to perform at the higher levels that they are designed to perform at, then the individual will inevitably perform at peak performance levels.

~David (The Oracle) Pilz
Metaphysical author, instructor, speaker

I very much recommend this product!




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