Body (Health)

the science of health

 There are some basic truths that we can explore to explain what it is that ORMUS does for a person in the way of health benefits. Modern science has managed to prove to us the benefits of having a full spectrum of nutrition, minerals, trace elements, and these are best found in their natural form for us to benefit the best from them. We really don’t need a lab report or a scientific data sheet to know that we genuinely feel better about ourselves, have more energy, look more radiant and perform better at EVERYTHING we do when we have the proper amount and types of fuel we require to empower ourselves.

The mind works faster, cleaner, longer and with more focus when it is properly fed. A well fed mind will benefit from an increased memory, less mood swings, increased processing speeds and much less risk to a variety of diseases and ailments.

Anti-Aging … need I say more? OK, we typically age from acidity in our system caused primarily by improper diet, environment and entropy. When we take our system to as close to alkaline as possible, we not only prevent many physical dysfunctions, ailments and illnesses. If we are able to take our body to a perfect alkaline state, we stop aging and much of our physical systems may actually reverse some of the damage accrued by time, lifestyle or environment. ORMUS GOLD takes the body back to alkaline.

Although there are indeed spiritual properties often reported from ORMUS use, many of these powerful testimonials are less miraculous than many people would suspect and are in fact based in mere common sense. When the mind and body are finally working at their fullest potentials, (and for some people this is the first time their systems are receiving what they need), then everything will finally perform at levels they were designed to perform at. Increased awareness happens on ALL levels of sensory comprehension, including levels that were otherwise unknown to someone who was unable to comprehend them with a poorly working set of sensory tools. Whilst most people experience sensory loss as they age, most people who follow a daily ORMUS protocol find that many of the five senses get stronger and others awaken.

medicalmedical benefits

Below is a list of the illnesses, diseases and ailments that ORMUS GOLD consumers have historically found some solace from.

  • Cancer
  • Fiber Mialgia
  • MS
  • Tumors
  • Scars, scar tissue
  • Failing Vision
  • Failing Hearing
  • Failing Memory
  • Vertigo
  • Allergies
  • Mental Health (depression, nervousness, paranoia, OCD, etc)
  • Impotency
  • Malais
  • Diabetes
  • Sleep disorders
  • Altzeimers
  • Arthritis
  • … and way way more

OmMANNA has effortlessly passed all the requirements to qualify as a nutritional supplement sold in any country on the planet. The fact that it is good for you is merely the beginning of what it can do for your body … what we are truly interested in is helping you discover what your naturally latent human superpowers are. Live longer, healthier and more fully engaged than you ever dreamed possible … and do so organically.


Ormus detox drink

1 litre fresh water
1 cup of dandelion root tea (pre-steeped with 1 tea bag or equivilant)
1 squeezed lemon (all the juice including pulp)
1 oz pure real cranberry juice
1 tsp maple syrup, agave syrup or honey
1 tsp Ormus water

This will cleanse, detox and revitalize “all of you”: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
Mix up in morning with positive energy and drink throughout the day. Eat healthy this day, to aid in your purification.