The Fight against Rationalwiki April 22 2014, 2 Comments

So when people first google ormus the first thing they are presented with is the rationalwiki page. It seeks right away to discredit the product, yet the man has never actually tried it. He attacks david hudson with all of his scientific cliams, which I cannot verify one way or the other and doesn't really matter when it comes to the actual properties OF ormus.

People then look at this as a valid way to discredit ormus. What they don't do however, as all people should do, is see how legitimate HIS claims are, as in the person writing the entries.

Further delving into the site will show that he attacks everything - from christianity to the alkaline diet to meditation to transcending consciousness to Reiki you name it. He is also very bitter and negative - calling people quacks and crazies.. stating things as "impossible" and "outside the realm of science". He also makes some very bold claims that he cannot back, saying science has never proven this and that. 

I feel for you. We are all skeptical of new things. However the man who has this site is by no means an expert. In the words of my friend:

Anoobian Nak'hti Yeah rational wiki is the cut & dry atheist's child. There is no Spirit, no soul, no life after death, no reincarnation, posing and breathing have no effect on health, thoughts are just thoughts, we are just brain patterns, not anything possessing a body. The site sucks. That's the thing people linked me to when I posted a link about ORMUS on my personal page. They put that link and was like be careful with that stuff. The funny thing was is that they were a Christian friend of mine and I was like "you believe in something that site also ridicules as impossible and outside of rationality" But I let people believe what they want.

If you are in any way spiritual I suggest you rethink your ability to blindly dismiss something just because it was written on a site. Is that all it takes for you to discredit something, to take one person's word for something, when that person literally denounces everything spiritual on the face of the planet? Why is he such an expert on things? Where are his credentials? At least we are doing unending tests on our products, both holistic and medical and scientific.


If you want to try something new, go in with an open mind, and ask other people IN THAT FIELD about the legitimacy of the product. Placebo can work both ways. If you are convinced something is going to not work, you may very well grant that reality for yourself.. and if an athiest believes no spiritual stuff will work for him, then it probably won't. In a world where our thoughts craft reality - our thoughts really are the most powerful thing there is.

So please try our product and see for yourself what results you get, if any. As you can see from our testimonials, we have only gotten positive results so far. Let that speak for itself, unless you now believe that the thoughts of others are meaningless, but, after all, you believed the words of one man on a rationalwiki site, so logic dictates you should believe several people who have ACTUALLY taken our product right? (not trying to sound bitter here, just logical). 


Welcome! A few things.. April 11 2014, 0 Comments

Welcome to the East Coast Ormus official page! We are currently focusing on the sprays and the droppers for sale, but we CAN get you the spa water and the fertilizer if you really need it - but it will take longer as we will have to have it sent from BC. Bulk orders please email us for - titled "bulk order".

We currently do not have the payment system up and running on this site yet. For all product interest please email me at with the title "ormus interested" with your name, full address, and the type of product and quantity that you wish. 

We will respond with shipping costs and the paypal email that you need to send the total to - we will then send your product out upon payment. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it is easiest for us to do it this way at this time.