ECO - OmMANNA ORMUS Gold Personal use spray


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~2 oz. $110 

Personal use protocol (it delivers about 3 drops per spray), so limited daily topical usage is recommended, there is very little precipitate in this product.

Anti-aging / cellular regeneration, scar and wrinkle removal (spray directly onto skin, scars or wrinkles).

Medical first aid for burns, cuts etc., spray directly onto skin. (Additional eSCENTial oils can be added to this such as lavender, aloe or tea tree drops.

2 oz. spray is great for sunburns, plants, pets, skin hydration and the “healthy” glow.

Because this is in a spray there will be very little white gold powder remaining in the container.

ormus is:

  • anti-aging
  • full body healing
  • health and beauty regenerating
  • cellular regenerating
  • spiritual healing

*All of our products are concentrated formulas……please follow instructions as they will serve you the best way. These products are a part of a healthy lifestyle and in no way claim to “heal ” you. Please consult a physician about taking this or any other natural product before using.


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I know some people think the price of this may be steep, but keep in mind that David Pilz, the founder of OMMANNA, in which we get our product for redistribution from, mines the product himself, and pays for all the bottling etc and shipping to us. As a result I will detail the cost breakdown below so you see our profits:

Cost breakdown:

OMMANNA's Profit: 75%:  $82.5 (David Pilz: $82.5)
East Coast Ormus' Profit: 25%: $27.5 (Shawn: $13.75, Richard: $13.75)
Shipping: Used to send product - varies between 10 dollars and 25 dollars depending on location

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